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Tea with Vicky Turrell,
Monday 9th September, 2.30pm at the Willow Gallery

To celebrate the launch of Vicky's new book, Me and my Mam come and meet the author, hear readings from her new book and share tea and cakes.
This book is the sequel to her best selling debut novel It's not a boy! Now, mother and daughter each tell their own story as the little girl grows into a teenager and the dull fifties transforms into the swinging sixties.
Posted: 23rd August 2019

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Dither and Delay Tactics VIII and XI

Tuesday 10th Dec 2019

Wendy Lodwick

How do you put off writing? Get yourself a young rescue dog! One week ago Dave and I and Isla, the eight year old small kelpie, welcomed a long-legged 2 year old male kelpie called Simba into the house. We have not sat down yet during the daylight hours. He is a happy and sweet dog but busy busy busy. Fortunately he likes to fetch balls, likes the long walks and he wishes to please, he adores Dave, so we are making lots of progress but by the end of the evening we are TIRED. Image may contain: dog


And then there are the Christmas cards. When I pick up a pen it is to write a few words to old and true friends – to pause and remember good times. It takes ages because it also involves trotting over to Dave remind/ask him and we fall into conversation about ‘that was when/where’.

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